Travel Award

Travel Award Application has been closed.

Application deadline : January 15, 2013 at Noon (JST:GMT+9)

Neuro2013 Travel Award Guidelines

Award Details

Travel Awards are offered to participants in the Neuro2013 Meeting (held jointly by Japanese Neuroscience Society, Japanese Neurochemistry Society and Japanese Neural Network Society) who come from abroad, especially for those who are from Asian nations or developing countries, and who will give a presentation at the meeting. Details of the Travel Awards are as set out below.

  • A certificate will be conferred at an award ceremony to be held during the meeting.
  • The meeting registration fee will be waived.
  • Recipients will be invited to attend a reception to be held during the meeting.
  • Recipients will be awarded a prize money. This prize money will be given as a partial support for the traveling expenses (the airfare from the recipient's country of residence to Japan, domestic transportation fee in Japan).
  • The prize money will be paid at the meeting venue, in Japanese yen.
  • The recipients will be invited to attend the “International Exchange Meeting for Young Researchers”, which will be held on June 19th (the day before the start of Neuro2013). Recipients who decide to attend this Meeting are requested to give a poster presentation of the research they intend to present at the meeting.
  • The recipients who attend the above meeting on June 19th will be provided with accommodation throughout Neuro2013, for four nights from June 19th to 22nd.
  • Recipients who will not attend the above meeting or intend to stay at other accommodations should arrange and pay the accommodation fees by themselves. Those who intend to stay June 19th or after June 23rd should also arrange and pay accommodation by themselves.
  • Persons who do not attend the meeting will have their award revoked.

How to Apply

  1. Complete advance registration

    • Advance registration should be made on the Internet Advance Registration (For Travel Award Applicants) web page. You have to choose one of the Societies (Japanese Neuroscience Society, Japanese Neurochemistry Society, or Japanese Neural Network Society) of which you are going to be a member. After your application is accepted as Travel Award, you need to join the Society (see below).
    • Once you have completed advance registration, you will be issued with a Registration ID Number and password.
      Please keep a secure record of these, as they are important information (required to register your presentation’s abstract).
  2. Register your presentation’s abstract

    • Register your presentation’s abstract on the Internet Presentation Registration (For Travel Award Applicants) web page.
    • You will need the Registration ID Number and password issued when you completed advance registration.
    • You must set your own password to complete your submission (Abstract Submission Password).
    • Once you have completed registering your abstract, you will be issued with an Abstract Submission Number.
    • Your Abstract Submission password and Abstract Submission Number will be required when you change or confirm your registration details.
  3. Submit your application documents
    Send the following six documents to the Secretariat ( as e-mail attachments.

    Deadline: Must be received by January 15, Tuesday

    1. A) Travel Award Application Form
    2. B) CV
    3. C) List of papers
    4. D) Copy of passport (only the page where the photograph of your face is recorded)
    5. E) Letter of recommendation from supervisor (see note below)
    6. F) Letter of recommendation from referee (see note below)

    Note: Items E and F above must be sent as e-mail attachments directly from the supervisor and referee themselves.
    Send letters as Word documents no more than a single A4 page in length.

  4. Send the original application form by post
    Send the original of the Travel Award Application Form by post (airmail, FedEx, etc.). Deadline: Must be received by January 15, 2013
    Note: It is a good idea to include an application form for membership of the Society you choose in advance registration (see above) in case your application is accepted.

Important Points

  • Neuro2013 Web site:
  • Online advance registration and abstract submission
    Starting date: December 1, 2012
    Deadline: Must registered by January 15, 2013
  • Submission of application documents by e-mail
    Starting date: December 1, 2012
    Deadline: Must arrive by January 15, 2010
    Send to:
  • Submission of original Travel Award Application Form by post
    Deadline: Must arrive by January 31, 2013
    Send to: Neuro 2013 Secretariat 5-1 Kosaikaikan Bldg. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Postal Code: 102-8481 c/o Congress Corporation


January 2013 Rating, selection, screening, decision on acceptance/rejection
February 2013 Notification of acceptance/rejection, confirmation of intention to attend
April 2013 Completion of procedures for joining the Society you choose (only those who intend to participate in the meeting)
May 2013 Notification of presentation date and format
June 2013 Meeting held

Other points to note

  • Only one application for Travel Award may be made per person.
  • If a single presentation has multiple authors, only one main author may apply.
  • An individual may give only one presentation at the meeting as a main author.
  • (If an application is accepted) Participants who require a visa to enter Japan must obtain this for themselves. The meeting organizers will provide documents required for visa applications on request.
  • The meeting registration fee will be waived for rejected applicants who still decide to attend the meeting.

How to join the Japanese Neuroscience Society (JNSS)

Please see the “How to Join the Japan Neuroscience Society” page on the JNSS Web site. A system is in place to waive the admission fee and annual membership fee for meeting participants from overseas.

JNSS membership:

Main JNSS Web site:

How to join the Japanese Neurochemistry Society (JNS)

Please refer to the Main Website ( You can see the “How to join the JNS” page with a link to download application form in the Main Website.

How to join the Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS)

In the Society’s Main Website (,
you will see how to join the Society and the link to download application form (

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