Special Program by Gender Equality Promotion Committee“Enhance Your Career:Mentoring and Networking Roundtable”

Date and time:Saturday, June 22, 11:45-12:45
Venue: Room510, 5th floor, Kyoto International Conference Center

Mentoring and networking are important for success in science. In Neuro2013, experienced neuroscientists will be on hand to offer mentoring on various topics at round-table over boxed lunch bento. We hope that participants exploit opportunities to extend your networks and develop your career. Both women and men are welcome to join the event.

Tentative topics include “work-life balance”, “securing grants”, “studying and doing a postdoc abroad”, “how to get an independent academic position”, “dual-career couple issue”, “fixed-term positions”, “foreign researchers working in Japan”, etc.

Let's enjoy chattering over.
We will use English if necessary.

*Closing date for application: June 10(Mon.)  June 12(Wed.) 17:00


Tatsumi Hirata National Institute of Genetics
Yoichi Oda Nagoya University

Scheduled participants

Yukiko Gotoh University of Tokyo
Wen-Jie Song Kumamoto University
Yash Hiromi National Institute of Genetics
Yukari Ohki Kyorin University
Noriko Osumi Tohoku University
Mayumi Nishi Nara Medical University
Makoto Tominaga National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Sumiko Mochida Tokyo Medical University
Yumiko Yoshimura National Institute for Physiological Sciences

*Advance registrations are required. Bento lunch will be delivered at a cost of 1000 yen.

*A maximum of 40 participants.

The email address for the advanced registration: neuro2013@congre.co.jp

Please provide the following information to the contact address.

*Closing date for application: June 10(Mon.)

  1. Name
  2. Affiliation
  3. E-mail address
  4. Telephone number
  5. Choose or create a topic that you would like to discuss in the roundtable.
  6. Name if you have any particular mentor whom you would like to talk with.
  7. "Need" or "Not need" for a lunch box
    * If you need a lunch box, please pay the fee in front of the meeting room on the June 22nd.

For further information about this event,
contact to Tatsumi Hirata <>
or Yoich Oda <>

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