Advance Registration has been closed as of May 22, 12:00JST.
For those who registered the address in Japan will receive the program book and a name card in early June.
On-site registration is also available, please come to the venue.

On-site Registration Form
会員用 非会員用 / 学部学生用
Nov.1, to
Mar.1 to
May 22
Non-taxable. 15,000 JPY 17,000 JPY 19,000 JPY
Tax included 20,000 JPY 22,000 JPY 24,000 JPY
Non-taxable. 1,000 JPY 2,000 JPY 3,000 JPY
Tax included 3,000 JPY 4,000 JPY 5,000 JPY
Tax included Undergraduate student
(First/presenting author )
1,000 JPY
Free of
Tax included 5,000 JPY 5,000 JPY 6,000 JPY
Tax included 2,500 JPY 2,500 JPY 3,000 JPY
Tax included 1,500 JPY 1,500 JPY 2,000 JPY
  • Persons who register by May 22(Wed) will be sent a name card and a convention program around early June (persons living in Japan). Persons registering on or after May 23 (Thu) and who comes from overseas can collect their name card and program at the reception desk on the day of the convention.
  • Please select your Registration Category in the Meeting in accordance with what your status will be at the time the Meeting is held (June 20-23, 2013).
  • You may be able to charge your registration fee to grants (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, etc.), when you present the research results supported by them at Neuro2013. Please consult with your administrative officers for procedures.

※ 1 For postgraduate student participants

  • If you are a member of one of the societies (Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS), Japanese Society for Neurochemistry (JSN), Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS), please enter your membership number in the registration screen.
  • If you are not a member of any of the three societies, please print out a fax form when you register online and fax the form and a copy of your student ID to Neuro2013 secretariat (fax # +81-3-5216-5552).
  • If you register on site, please show your student ID at the reception desk.

※ 2 For undergraduate student participants

  • If you are not a presenting (=first) author of an abstract, the registration fee is free of charge. Please identify yourself by showing your student ID at the reception desk and you will receive a name card.
  • Advance registration and fee payment (JPY1,000) are required for those who are presenting (=first) authors.

※ 3 Reception

Date & Time: 19:00-21:00 June 22, 2013 (Fri.)
This reception offers the opportunity for promising undergraduate, graduate students and post docs to meet with leading researchers in a friendly atmosphere. You may even have a chance to discuss with the plenary lecturers and symposium speakers there. Do not miss this opportunity.

Advance Registration

To smoothly enter the scientific sessions avoiding possible waiting at the registration desk, please register in advance on line. Also, the conference offers reasonable price for advanced registration than on-site registration. Advanced registration is strongly recommended.

Early Registration

Start: November 1, (Thu.) at noon.
Deadline: February 28, (Thu.) at noon

*Note that deadline for advanced registration is different from the due date of abstract submission (January 15, 2013).

*For Travel Award Applicants, register from【 >>>“Travel Award” 】page.

We accept credit cards for payment: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners


  • Please create account and set your own Registration ID and password. You will need these to confirm or amend the details of your registration. Be sure to keep them safe.
  • In order to submit presentation abstract, you need to complete advance registration at first.
  • For Windows users, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher/Netscape 6.0 or higher is recommended. For Macintosh users Safari 1.2 or higher / Netscape 6.0 or higher is recommended to browse the registration system.
  • Enter your membership number. This is shown as 10 digits for Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS), or Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS), 5 digits for Japanese Society for Neurochemistry (JSN).
  • For those who are currently applying for membership and going to submit an abstract and those who are nonmember symposium speakers, please choose “applying” and “nonmember symposium participant” respectively and leave the membership number field blank.
  • When you choose member/nonmember, regular/student, yes/no to Reception participation at online registration, your payment will be automatically summed up. Only credit card is acceptable for the English version of the registration. When your registration is completed, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration. Your prompt payment is greatly appreciated.

When registration is completed, the auto-reply mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

On-site Registration

Please take an on-site registration form placed near the registration desk, fill in the necessary fields, and take it to the on-site registration desk (you can download a registration form above). Payment for on-site registration accepts cash only. Depending on the number of participants registering on site you may be asked to wait. To avoid crowded situation at the on-site registration desk on the day of the meeting, we strongly recommend you complete advance registration online and save a registration fee.

Distribution of Participants Name Card, Receipt and Convention Program

  • Registered and on-site participants from oversea need to pick up a name card, receipt for registration fees, convention program at the registration desk at the venue.
  • Participants who opt for on-site registration will be provided with the name card, receipt and program after their registration fee has been collected in cash.
  • Members of the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry will be sent a special education of the society bulletin containing a list of abstracts, in addition to the above documents.

Applying for Membership

  • Members of either Japanese Neuroscience Society, Japanese Society for Neurochemistry, or Japanese Neural Network Society are eligible for discounted registration. The society welcomes new members, so please use this opportunity to become a member.
  • The first/presenting author must be one of the societies (Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS), Japanese Society for Neurochemistry (JSN), Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS)). A membership number is required to enter for online registration. If you are a nonmember but will be the first/presenting author, please apply for a membership of one of the three societies immediately. For further information, please check the each society’s web site.
  • It may take about a week or so for each society to issue a membership number. Please apply for it in advance.

Contact details for inquiries about membership

Cancellation and Charges

There will be no refunds for cancellations of any sorts. Please do not make multiple registrations or multiple payments. If you would like to make changes in registration, please contact the secretariat by e-mail or fax.

For inquiries about registration

  • Neuro2013 Secretariat
    Congress Corporation 
    Kosaikaikan Bldg. 5-1, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8481, Japan
    TEL : +81-3-5216-5318 FAX : +81-3-5216-5552
    E-mail :

Neuro2013 Advance Registration

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